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5 Star Rating
I have had the pleasure of working with Sammy on a number of projects and I'm always thrilled by his work!
Howard Espie, a web design client
Howard Espie
Greenwood Retreat Centre
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Nobody likes a bad website.

The only thing worse than no website is a bad website. Think about the last time you were on a bad website. How long did you hunt for the information you needed? What conclusions did you make about the business?

People judge a business based on the quality of its website. Bad websites are frustrating. They make people click away & look for a competitor. A bad website will drive away customers, costing you money.

Is your website attracting customers or driving them away?

Counsellor Web Design

Get a new website
on-time & on-budget!

A good website can convert someone who is ‘just browsing’ into a paying customer at any hour of the day.

Working with the right designer can save you hours of time and thousands of dollars. Not only will they build a stunning end-product, but they can guide the process to ensure your site website will communicate clearly to your customers.

Benefits of a High-Quality Website

Website Benefit 1

Increase your credibility

Your site is often the first impression that customers will have of you! A poor website design can scare them away.

Website Benefit 2

Reach New People

Most people search the internet when they need something new. Make sure that you can be found!

Website Benefit 3

Automate Processes

A website can point people toward your business, answer questions & make sales at any hour of the day!

Website Benefit 4

Phone & Desktop Design

Nowadays, it's essential that a site functions on all devices. Phones, tablets & computers!

Website Benefit 5

Fast Load Speeds

A slow site can lower your rankings in Google searches and cause impatient customers to click away.

Website Benefit 6

Easy To Use

My top priority is to ensure that customers can easily find the information they need on your site.

Hampton Designs is here to help!

Hampton Designs is a Lethbridge web design company created to serve you for all your website needs -Where ever you're located!

Using modern design theory, high quality photography & the principles laid out Donald Miller's Storybrand Framework, Hampton Designs will build you an affordable website that connects with your users.

Finally I'd like to add that a major focus of mine is keeping in good communication throughout the entire process. To me, good communication is a basic form of respect.

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Top 5 Mistakes When Building a Website

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What my clients say

Serving people well is my main focus. It's my belief that a company isn't successful without delighted customers.

5 Star Rating

Sammy went above and beyond the call of duty! It was all completed in record time & I am thrilled with the end product. Also, his cost for completing the website quickly was extremely competitive!!

Mike Cavilla, Rodeo President
Michael Cavilla
Calgary Police Rodeo
5 Star Rating

Hiring Hampton Designs was the best decision I made when I launched my company. I had 100 other things to focus on and building my site felt impossible. You should hire Sammy as your web designer TODAY!

Nicole Jackson, Lethbridge Counsellor
Nicole Jackson
Black Rock Counselling
5 Star Rating

Sammy is willing to serve cheerfully, ask questions relentlessly, and find solutions above and beyond what was asked of him. Anyone will find great value working with a man like Sammy.

Scott Cyre, Lethbridge Pastor
Scott Cyre
King of Kings Fellowship

Web design in 3 simple steps

Does your web design project feel like a major undertaking? It can be hard to know where to begin. Hampton Designs has developed a simple process designed to save as much of your time as possible.

An easy web design process

1 - Consult

The first step is to discuss your project’s particular needs and determine an accurate quote.

2 - Design

Once I have your go-ahead I will get to work gathering the content and designing your site.

3 - Develop

Once the design is completed, I will build the live version of your site. With your final approval, we will launch it for the world to see!

Your website is a valuable investment

Contact us today for a no-commitment quote!

Basic Web Design

Included with every project

  • Custom Design
  • Fully-Responsive (Works on all devices)
  • Custom Domain (
  • Content Strategy
  • Basic Google Optimization
  • Basic Copywriting/Editing
  • 3 Opportunities for Designs/Revisions
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Extra Add-Ons

Fully optional services

  • Blog/CMS Functions
  • eCommerce
  • Scheduling Functions
  • Logos & Graphic Design
  • Business Cards & Print Materials
  • Custom eMail
  • Custom Animations
  • Advanced Google Optimization
  • Advanced Copywriting/Editing
  • Photography
  • On-Demand Site Updates/Update Packages
  • Google MyBusiness Profile
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A website is a valuable asset.

Think of the last time that you needed to buy something new. Chances are you went on the internet and looked up a few websites. How quickly did you click away when you found a poorly designed site?

Need help building your website?

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How much does professional quality web design cost?

Every web design project will be different. The price will vary based on the size of the project and services required. The best way to get an idea is request a no-commitment quote! Furthermore, I won't saddle you with an on-going site-maintenance package (Except hosting fees). I'll be around to support you on an as-needed basis.

How long does a project take?

Every project will vary depending on its specific needs, but I've found that the process takes around 4 weeks on average. The actual length might be slightly faster or slower than this.

Can you help with an ecommerce website or an app?

Yes! I can help build an e-commerce site. If you're looking for an app with greater functionality, it will depend on the level of technicality required.

Can't I build a site myself?

Nowadays, the DIY approach is a definite option. In fact, I first got started in web design by building a site for my local charity using the DIY method.. However, having taken this route myself, I see a few advantages of hiring a professional:

TIME - A website build will take time to plan and execute, even if you use a website builder like Squarespace or Wix. Your time is worth more than your money, and this should be taken into consideration. A professional will often complete the job faster than the time it takes to research website builders and develop your site DIY-style. Not only will your final site be up faster, but you'll be free to focus your time on other matters in the meantime.

QUALITY - A professional can ensure that the final product is something that you and your customers will be happy with. A website needs to do more than just look good, it needs to effectively communicate. This can be difficult to do if you're hemmed in by a template. A professional web designer marketing knowledge to your project. Later, I had to go back and redesign my first site because there were so many areas to be improved.

RELATIONSHIP - Don't underestimate the value of building a relationship with a designer! Down the road, they will be intimately acquainted with your site and will be able to answer any questions that arise!

Do you only work with organizations in Lethbridge?

No! While I am based out of Lethbridge, AB, I work with many clients who live hours away. Distance will only affect our project if professional photography is needed.

What are your payment terms?

I typically ask for 25% down before we begin, and 75% at the end of the project. If needed, other payment options can be negotiated.

Do you provide support after the website is completed?

Yes! Most clients come to me for support/updates on an on-demand basis, but if you would prefer a closer working arrangement I can provide that as well. If you would rather manage matters yourself, your final site will be very easy to update & edit.